Window & Smooth Surfaces

Crystal Clear

314 Crystal Clear

Premium Glass and Shiny Surface cleaner – fast drying with anti fogging properties to provide a streak-free and smear free, that continues to repel dirt and improve gloss. It contains no ammonia and ideal for all glass and metal surfaces

31402 (5L)
31406 (15L)
31403 (20L)
31409 (12x750mL)

Stainless Steel Oil Polish

414 Stainless Steel Polish

Solvent/Oil Based – easily cleans and polishes stainless steel surfaces to protect them against dirt, grease and marks

41402 (5L)
41406 (15L)
41403 (20L)

Graffiti Remover

416 Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Removal - Powerful and effective non-flammable formula, for texta and paint cleaning and removal on most surfaces. It contains a complex blend of solvents for maximum versatility.

41602 (5L)
41606 (15L)
41603 (20L)
41605 (1L Botl.)

Polish All

419 Polish All

Water Based – micro emulsion of MIneral Oil in water. Free from silicone and solvent. Ideal for all surfaces (vinyl, timber, leather, stainless steel, etc.) Removes dust, finger prints, oil, light lime and grease films off all surfaces with Antistatic agents to protect against dust re-deposition. Can also be used in food preparation areas

41902 (5L)
41906 (15L)
41903 (20L)
41909 (12x750mL)


435 Metho

Methylated Spirit 95% – can be used for all your general cleaning needs and can be used on all general surfaces such as windows, stainless steel surfaces, cutlery, etc.

43502 (5L)
43503 (20L)

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