Paper Products

We use various kinds of paper products in our day-to-day lives.

Toilet paper is an absolute necessity, followed by hand towels. Paper napkins become essential in various circumstances and facial tissues are also extremely integral to how we go about our lifestyles. Paper products have been around a long time and were predominantly the most common choice before automated hand dryers invaded the scene.

Today, no matter where you go on the Gold Coast, if you are visiting the washroom then you are likely to come across an automated hand dryer. Some washrooms have the choice of paper napkins or hand towels as well. Toilet paper is irreplaceable but hand dryer seems to be the common choice for establishment owners when it comes to drying hands. Are hand dryers better than hand towels or paper napkins? The answer is, no.

Wet hands are a harbinger of bacterial growth.

Once dry, hands are not that vulnerable to bacteria and thus would not act as a contagion for infections. In a study, it has been found that hand dryers don’t effectively dry the hands. They take a long time to have an impact and they seldom dry the hands completely. Ten seconds of wiping your hands with paper napkins or hand towels will dry your hands up to 96% and an additional five seconds of wiping will completely dry your hands. Even if you wipe your hands for five seconds, the subsequent ten seconds would be sufficient to dry your hands completely. With hair dryers, you may spend thirty seconds or even a minute and even then you would not have completely dry hands. Your hands would be, at best, a tad moist instead of being wet.

The same study also inferred that paper products such as facial tissues or paper napkins are more effective in removing bacteria. Since they are used only once and then they are disposed off, there is no possibility of getting contaminated with an infection from someone else. With hand dryers, everyone uses the same machine and it is quite possible that the hand dryers would accumulate the bacteria that are airborne and then while blowing out hot air, it would blow out air that has been contaminated with the bacteria.

Hand towels, toilet paper, facial tissues or paper napkins come in various textures, they can be of single-ply, double-ply or triple-ply and they can have different levels of absorption. They are economic since running a hand dryer can be costly and paper products are also environment friendly since they are biodegradable. Paper products are also a natural choice in washrooms that encounter heavy traffic. A person using a hand dryer would easily take half a minute to a minute longer than a person using paper products. Please give us a Contact us on our 1300 number for a FREE quote or any questions about Cleaning Chemicals you might have.

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