Floor Care


383 Neutralex

All Surface Safe Floor Cleaner – Neutral pH and specially formulated for use on delicate floors such as Slate, Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Vinyl, Ceramic Vinyl and Timber. Ideally suited for use on floors by either mopping or auto-scrubbing but can also be used as a Spray & Wipe for shiny stone bench tops and surfaces. With a fresh lemon fragrance and is a green liquid.

38302 (5L)
38306 (15L)
38303 (20L)
38325 (12x1L)

Floor Cleaner

380 Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner & Degreaser –¬†Ammoniated with lemon fragrance, non-corrosive and non-flammable detergent. Gentle PH level to suit all surface types. Excellent cleaner, most effective on greasy floors in both commercial and domestic kitchen areas. Also can be used on vinyl, tile, timber and ceramic areas

38002 (5L)
38006 (15L)
38003 (20L)

Neutral Detergent Sanitiser

385 Neutral Detergent - Sanitiser

Neutralising Detergent/Sanitiser - powerful cleaner and disinfectant that neutralises PH levels to clean and protect all types of surfaces, especially polished floors. It is both an excellent sanitiser and cleaner, capable of cutting grease and removing soil from most washable surfaces, which helps reduce the effort and cleaning time.

38502 (5L)
38506 (15L)
38503 (20L)


387 Multitask

Multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser & stripper – a powerful concentrated formula which is bio-degradable and can be used on all surfaces and for all cleaning jobs. It is designed to handle to dirtiest and hardest of cleaning jobs

38702 (5L)
38706 (15L)
38703 (20L)
38725 (12x1L)


398 Tornado

Tile & Concrete Cleaner/Restorer – Designed to restore and clean heavily soiled or stained concrete, ceramic, unglazed and vitrified floors.

39802 (5L)
39806 (15L)
39803 (20L)
39825 (12x1L)

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