Dispensers come in various shapes, sizes and for a wide range of purposes. Dispensers can be used in washrooms to dispense toilet paper, hand towels, facial tissues or paper napkins. There are hand soap dispensers and body wash dispensers. The concept is also used in retail, medicine, banks and logistics among others. Dispensers are a wise purchase because they keep toilet paper or paper napkins and hand towels neatly organized. They prevent contamination of fresh towels or yet to be used napkins and the dispenser can also safely store the inventory without it being misused or stolen.
Before delving into the various kinds of toilet paper dispensers you can choose from, there is a need to shed some light on why you should choose such dispensers at all. Most washrooms today have hand dryers. In many ways, hand dryers appear to be a more rational choice which makes drying hands more convenient. But the question that has to be asked is if automated hand dryers are safe. Numerous studies have proved that hand towels or paper napkins which are disposable are much more hygienic than automated hair dryers. Let us just take a look at two simple reasons why hand dryers are not a good choice.
• Automated hand dryers don’t effectively dry the hands. They leave a moist surface atop your hands and moisture is never good for hygiene. Moist surfaces are a thriving ground for bacteria and all kinds of infections.
• Automated hand dryers tend to circulate infected air which is quite common in enclosed spaces such as washrooms. Whenever a toilet is flushed, a certain aerosol spreads in the air and that can contain a few types of harmful bacteria. If the automated hand dryers circulate the same air and that too at a pressure to dry your hands, then your hands are being inevitably infected with the bacteria or aerosol in the air.
With paper dispensers in washrooms, one can use paper napkins or hand towels which are safe, they have not been touched and they do not circulate the air pressuring it onto your hands. Paper is also a much better dryer than automated hand dryers.
Today, you can choose single paper dispenser, jumbo paper dispenser, compact dispenser, slim-line dispensers, ultra slim dispenser, centre pull dispensers, plastic dispensers, stainless steel dispensers and lockable dispensers. You can choose to have stacks of sheets of paper towels inside or you can have a roll which can get cut along perforated edges or you can have an integrated blade in the dispenser which will cut off the roll or stack when a force is applied to pull the paper out.

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