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Bin liners are an imperative product.

Also known as bin bag, garbage bag and trash bag, bin liners are used to store or collect, to handle and to dispose rubbish or garbage. Bin liners are quintessential in homes, offices and for civic departments. Bin liners are also integral to the operations of all industries, from healthcare to heavy metals. Bin liners are also colloquially referred to as rubbish bags, waste bags, can liners and refuse sacks. Disposable bags are used to contain rubbish and also to prevent the insides of your bins becoming coated with waste. Useful for messy and wet rubbish and also to minimise odours from food waste. Typically green or black in colour our bags are tough, durable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly – the choice is yours. Bin Liners are either perforated on rolls or folded flat for your convenience.

Modern bin liners are made of plastic.

The plastic is derived from polyethylene. While the first bin liners were meant for commercial use, they quickly became an item used in every nook and corner of the developed worlds. Today, there are various types of bin liners.
Bin liners are usually low density, medium density and high density. The density depends on the quality of polythene being used. Bin liners may also be made from liner blend polythene, recycled polythene, Metallocene polythene (mPE) or paper. The most popular type of bin liners today is the degradable polythene bags or biodegradable polythene bags. They are environment friendly and can be recycled. They don’t have any bearing on the environment and they don’t pollute the landfills.
All types of bin liners find an ideal use in specific situations. Industries or commercial properties would require high density bin liners while homes and smaller establishments that don’t deal with heavy duty stuff can do well with low density or medium density bin liners. It all depends on what kind of weight and volume of rubbish or garbage the bags are expected to carry and how far the bags would be transported before they are disposed off. Bin liners can have a thickness of anywhere from 80 gauge or 20 microns to 1000 gauge or 250 microns. The volume of bin liners can be 18 litre, 27 litre, 36 litre, 56 litre, 73 Litre, 82 litre, 120 litre and 240 litre. Bin liners can be customized as well.

There are many benefits of bin liners.

You can choose the traditional black or green colored bin liners or you may opt for certain prints of your choice. You may choose standard strength for general garbage, medium strange or heavy strength which is known as heavy duty bags or heavy duty bin liners. Also, you have a choice among kitchen tidy bags, wheelie bin bags, bags on rolls, singlet bags, office bags and more.
Bin liners are economically priced, they are leak proof, they protect the interiors of the waste bins or garbage cans, the bags are lightweight and thus portable, they ensure desirable hygiene, the clean up time is reduced and the transporting of garbage or rubbish is made extremely convenient. Please give us a Contact us on our 1300 number for a FREE quote or any questions you might have.

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