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AE Products is a specialist of cleaning supplies in Australia. Based in Queensland, we are among the leading suppliers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas and we are fast expanding our outreach across the nation.

Formerly known as All Ways Environmental, AE Products is a family owned and operated business. We cater to customers across industries, for commercial and residential purposes. Founded in 2009, we have endeavoured to combine our knowledge and experience in cleaning supplies with impeccable business ethics and efficient modus operandi to bring to you the best deals and the best products. Our forte has primarily been paper products and cleaning supplies but we specialize in dealing with everything associated with your hygiene, cleanliness and environment friendly cleaning practices.

AE Products has carved out a niche to offer you amazing prices on the best cleaning supplies that you would need. We presently service clients across industries, among which we have shopping malls, schools, offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, massage parlors, golf clubs, fitness centers and more.

Our inventory is predominantly comprised of paper products such as toilet paper, paper hand towels and general paper; bin liners or plastic bags; cleaning chemicals for kitchen care, bathroom care, floor care, carpet care, body care, laundry and including disinfectants, air fresheners as well as dispensers.

AE Products has a very simple philosophy based on which our entire business practice is established. We strive to offer unbeatable prices for cleaning supplies along with unmatched customer service. While attending to your needs, we also ensure that every product we have in our inventory is safe and environment friendly. We are a responsible company that tries to do its bit for a better tomorrow.

As a wholly Australian Owned and Operated company, we have a strong belief in working ethically within our business, in the local community and abroad. We have made it a priority to “give back” to the community, ensuring a lasting legacy by contributing to a variety of business and charitable organizations. Simply by working with AE Products you are supporting a number of social initiatives such as local junior soccer.

At AE Products, every client is treasured and attended to. We cherish our relationships with businesses across the industry spectrum and we believe in delivering the solutions that you would need, even if it needs unprecedented customization.

Give us a call today and one of our specialists would get back to you to schedule an onsite consultation to understand your requirements.